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Divine Regale

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Divine Regale

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looking for a way to say
looking for a way to stray
stray away from my thoughts
say my thoughts
to speak from within
and say what I want to say
to live my life
and be who I want to be
breaking these obstructions
enshrouding me

can this be the first time
failure staring you in the eye
can you be the only one
believing in what you've become

a day does not pass
without a glance
out the window of chance
silent and fading
is the light of a summer's day
fading and fading

my mind is like an ocean
running through and through
the tick of the clock
the beat of the heart
racing through empty halls
pounding on sweating walls
I'm drowning in my ocean mind

like a sea of clouds and the sun
is breaking through
and the familiar cries of loneliness
have their way again
yes but I can still see
the light is fading

feel free and search your mind
or will fate intervene and decide
your destiny that may become
a reality through time
and time has no boundaries

in my ocean mind
still surviving
in my ocean mind

the light is shining again
in my ocean mind
time's been revived
in my ocean mind

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