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She wokes up, head is banging
White ceilling / Toys everywhere
Lights are flickering and burning her eyes
Tears down her face are lashing against the floor
Mom says it's alright
Holding her little hand

She wokes up, head loosing
White walls / Emptyness everywhere
Through the window city is living, life goes on
She leaves her pearls on the ground
The beautiful dolls have lost their hair
Pink rabbit soaks up her tears
Mingled voices fill the air and guide her slowly to bed
Rock her craddle all throught the night
Lullabies will provide her against nightmares
Her eyes are distraught, watering
Time has stopped, nothing matters anymore

I'm dreading our meeting
What to say ? What to add ? How to look at her ?
Here she comes, my heart has never beaten so fast
She stretches her arms wide at me
I throw mine out too
I can feel life in her body, in her eyes
I'm not afraid anymore,her neither
I know, she knows
It was so easy, "above all, do not speak"
Blood ties do the rest
Tomorrow is not important, we are together
Pink, yellow and black in your drawing completement each other well
Time has stoped again, we creat memories
I understand
Time has stoped, but hours are still running
But I understand
Beautiful little girl, your eyes filled with life
I understand so well now

Dance, like ladybugs in the sky
Grow, like blooms in a garden
Spring for ever, love feeds us
sarah, the light goes away
Let the putrid blinds vomiting their hate
Life is inside you, death is inside them
Let the abhorrent deafs screaming their rage
Life is in front of you, death is behind them

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