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Dishammer tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Asmodeus (By My Side)", "Sexwitch", "Pain In The Ass".

159 acessos

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  1. Age Of Disgrace
  2. Asmodeus (By My Side)
  3. Blessed With Catalepsy
  4. Bomb In The Womb
  5. Exterminate The Parasite
  6. Into The Bong
  7. Invocation
  8. Outlaw Psychopath
  9. Pain In The Ass
  10. Rusty Coffin
  11. Sexwitch
  12. Smoke Of Death
  13. The Devil's Advocates
  14. The Devil's Advocates
  15. The End Here And Now
  16. Under The Sign Of The D-beat Mark
  17. Vintage Addiction
  18. Welcome Death
  19. Werewolves On Wheels
  20. Wish Of Suffering

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