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Disastrous Murmur

Disastrous Murmur

Disastrous Murmur tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Toxic Trap", "Trash, Chunk and Garbage", "Flesh... Is What I Need".

113 acessos

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  1. Breaking By Means Of The Wheel
  2. Desecrating The Grave
  3. Dinner Is Served
  4. Disgorged Bowelmovement
  5. Drowned In Blood
  6. Extra Uterine Pregnancy Part II
  7. Flesh... Is What I Need
  8. Heretic Pincers
  9. Into The Dungeon
  10. Masked Killer
  11. Satisfaction In The Morgue
  12. The Grate
  13. The Headcrusher
  14. The Judas Cradle
  15. The Oral, Rectal And Vaginal Pear
  16. The Punishment Collar
  17. The Saw
  18. Toxic Trap
  19. Trash, Chunk and Garbage
  20. Unfleshed To The Bone

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