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Apocalypse (Revolution Stone)

Dirty Trashroad

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'he will be born between the sun and the
Moon. and there will be wisdom,
Rhythm, and music. he will conceive the
Wind, and the universe will be
Resurrected with love and harmony.'

Let me tell you a story 'bout
The time when people believed
In their god and his glory,
His power and his holiness.
The chosen few youth,
They were blessed with a new life
Reborn again as flyin' hawks with the help,
Wow, oh, of god's manna.

High and higher they soared into the ruby-red sky
Lookin' for ancient memories, memories of emerald.
Endless desert landscapes filled their horizon
Like a stream of flowing thoughts,
Reflections of forgotten days.
Their wings, they felt the air, they found reality.
Trees rustled, rivers flowed, showed them the way.

Haws flew into their nests, their roots, their souls.
In there they found what they were after.
To save the ones with no yesterdays and tomorrows
They flew on to believe.
The faithful wait for the time to come their way,
For the hawks to find the stone.

The hawks' eyes found the stone of wisdom.
Time to recover the memories
Of the people's emerald.
It's time to wake. it's time
To light the world with green power.
Oh, oh, oh, they who believe share the love, love
Share in love, you share the love,
You will conceive in love.
Power to the new generation.
Oh, oh, oh, legend lives on,
The legend lives on and on.
We live, we live on and on.

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