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Diffuser tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "You Belong", "Only In The Movies", "Leaving With a California Tilt".

114 acessos

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  1. 35
  2. Avoid The Friction
  3. Breakaway
  4. Far And In Between
  5. Get It On
  6. Here's to You
  7. I Am
  8. I Don't Have the Nerve
  9. I Wonder
  10. Karma
  11. Last Time I Saw Memphis
  12. Leaving With a California Tilt
  13. Long Way From Home
  14. Loser Of The Year
  15. Losers Of The Year
  16. New High
  17. Nothing Left to Say
  18. Only In The Movies
  19. She's All Mine
  20. Tell Her This
  21. The Last Time I saw Mephis
  22. The Way That I Feel
  23. Tidal
  24. Why
  25. Wide Eyes (Photograph So Well)
  26. You Belong

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