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Die Monster Die

Die Monster Die

Die Monster Die tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Hand Of Iron, Fist Of Steel", "One Night At Devil's Rock", "Invaders From Beyond The Sun".

233 acessos

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  1. 1,000 Corpses Walk The Earth
  2. A Bag Of Limestone, a Crawlspace And You
  3. All Hail Atlantis
  4. Beneath a Blood Red Moon
  5. Black Death Sheds It's Skin
  6. Black Is The Color Of Darkness
  7. Bleeding Wrists Of Destiny
  8. Can You Hear Satan Laughing?
  9. Charles Manson, He's So Handsome
  10. Christ Rotting Head
  11. Dead Alive
  12. Drusilla's Ghost
  13. Feast Of The Living Dead
  14. Feed My Love
  15. Formaldehyde And The Holy Ghost
  16. Gravedigger Girl
  17. Guns N' Booze
  18. Hand Of Iron, Fist Of Steel
  19. How Many People do I Have To Kill Before You Know I Love You
  20. Inside I Quietly Bleed
  21. Invaders From Beyond The Sun
  22. Midnite Run To Houston
  23. Monsters Rise Tonight
  24. No Tomorrow For The Men Of The Future
  25. October Slowly Dying
  26. One Night At Devil's Rock
  27. One Twenty-two
  28. Return To Planet 8
  29. Rock N' Roll Supermonster
  30. Roll Rock And Roll
  31. Rotting In The Attic
  32. Sky Bleeds Red
  33. So Violently The Night
  34. The World Needs Monsters
  35. This Is Suicide
  36. Tired, Sticky And Red
  37. Tomorrow Will Never Be
  38. Tonight We Die
  39. Twenty Nine
  40. When Dead Things Rise Again
  41. When The Reaper Calls

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