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Diana Anaid

See Through

Diana Anaid

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I don't mind if I turn people on, but
I don't really care if I turn them off, because
Being me, was never enough to please, everyone
Do I confuse others with the way I appear am
I confronting them with something they don't want to hear
They see me and in their minds they try and put me in a box but,
well I never really liked things with labels on the top
I'm not following orders, and I won't stand against a wall
so you can shake me down, where I don't like it at all
When it's what's inside that makes the difference so you
should take a look before you make your judgements
It doesn't really mean to me, what it means to you the way
I look is just that; something you can see through
So if I confuse you with what I say maybe that's just the
way you deal with the unexplained
And I'm not making statements, or setting any trends
And this isn't where the shocking's gonna start or end
So if I'm upsetting you, maybe you should leave
'Cause I'm not going to, this is me.

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