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Diabolical Breed

Woods Of Thorn

Diabolical Breed

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Beyond the green woods of elves where the clouds are dark
Lies the woods of thorn, the land of fallen angels.
Entrance into this satanic utopia where hellhounds glutton
Upon the sad remains of christian souls.

A future of total darkness, dark angels dancing in this
Paradise of night embracing chaos and death.
Come follow me to the woods of thorn where angels cries,
Where the sun burns dark, where the fires of hell embraces
Every human soul.

Screaming white angels with wings on fire anticipates a
Horrific death in vain, for trying to challenge the keeper
Of these darken woods... Let them burn!
Witness count Blackthorn gather his beasts,
Look at demons thirsty for christian blood.
Our devils have crawled out from the darkest depths
Of hell, to fight for the expansion of this dark empire.

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