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Diabolical Breed

In the Eye of the Storm

Diabolical Breed

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Mortal fear scatter among
The crowd as the day of judgement is at hand,
In horrified awe they stand
As sentenced before the master.
The black book of death is being displayed,

Wherein everything is written,
Which mankind is to be judged by.
Darkness hast fallen upon sacred soil,
The night hast come,
creatures howl to greet the bloodred moon.
In the eye of the storm...
misanthropic mayhem hast seized the night.

Winds art carrying voices
From the great beyond.
"I have listened to the wolf's cry at night,
Gazed into the devil's eyes.
Been seducted by the whispering of the wind...
I behold the frozen lights of falling stars

when the chaos is complete and all is lost..."
The cold fullmoon has crept upon the naked sky,
a dying sun hast passed away.
Ominous silence hast cast
Its shadow upon the sanctity of souls.
A firestorm from Hell

Is aiming for its prey.
The shadow of the dark lord
Rests upon the promised land.
Listen to the screams from sacred souls...
Behold the arrival of the beast.

A ravaging storm of infernal blight...
The exposure of Satan's might.
The shadow of the dark lord
Rests upon the promised land,
when the rampage is complete...

and all is lost.
Infernal darkness is all that is left behind.
Annihilated art mankind.
The prince of darkness hast awakened from eternal sleep...
Hear the angels weep.

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