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Devil's Urethra

DotA Rocks Your World

Devil's Urethra

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defense of the ancients rocks your world,
that is why you no longer talk to girls

defense of the ancientsx4

defense of the ancients rocks your world,
that is why you no longer talk to girls

while i'm busy making home made porn,
you're always busy training your blade storm,

while i'm busy bein smothered in kisses,
you're busy flirtin leshrac the malicious,

while I'm worried about gettin my sheets stained,
you're worried about who's creepin which lane

when I'm decidin to get busy I'm gettin laid,
when you finally get busy you gotta masturbate


Hey baby you wanna have some sex?
Nah I'm busy, gimme 30 minutes, the games almost over, BULLSHIT I WAS LAGGING
How the hell did he...
FINE! I'm leaving!


Yeah that's right now you're all alone,
Not even a dog would throw you a bone

That's when you decide to get mushy,
But it's too late you can't get any pussy,

so just sick back and turn on warren moon,
last time you had sex you screamed out FOR ELUNE,

so if you' wonder why you can't get laid,
it's the same reason that your debts unpaid,

So, if you wanna fix your life
you must put the game aside
but we all know that won't happen,
look at me I'm fuckin rappin


Now that you know you gotta face it,
You're gonna grow old and become a rapist,

now we know how these people come about,
when she wanted sex you shoulda shut your mouth,

now it's too late and you're stuck with fate,
your next new mate's may have a prostate

lifes may be a bitch but notcha girlfriend,
you act like if you lose the whole damn world ends

oh we lost how could this be,
i don't suck I blame team,
so no matter what you say,
i can't put the game away


the game crushes cannot you see,
you don't even get up to pee,
even if you have been threatened,
unless you'll be dead for sixty seconds

so now we've reached the end of my story,
you'll either be upset or a tiny bit horny,

but don't take what I said too close to heart,
it was only twenty bucks on the rack at walmart

so when you're playin don't forget it's just a game,
so is getting pussy so it's all the same

what an asshole I turned out to be,
nah... everythin I wrote was based off me.

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