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Devil Lee Rot

Devil Lee Rot

Devil Lee Rot tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "The Lake Of Fire Still Burns (3rd Episode)", "Prepare For War", "Hammer Of Hell".

104 acessos

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  1. Act Of Violence
  2. At Hell's Deep
  3. Black Denim & Church Burning
  4. Blade In The Night
  5. Child Of Fire
  6. Control The Weak
  7. Creation Of Pagan Gods
  8. Crypts Of Darkness
  9. Danger In The Dark
  10. Darkness Prevail
  11. Devil Lust
  12. Fistful Of Fury
  13. Future Invaders
  14. Hammer Of Hell
  15. Heaven Will Pay
  16. Heroes Of The Night
  17. Man Made Of Steel
  18. Metal Avengers
  19. Metal Dictator
  20. Oath To Metal
  21. Prepare For War
  22. Satan´s Militia
  23. Satan's Militia
  24. Soldiers From Hell
  25. Stranger In The Paradise
  26. The Lake Of Fire Still Burns (3rd Episode)
  27. The Warlock
  28. Thou Shalt Serve In Hell
  29. Voices From Beneath

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