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Manifestations of Your Stygiophobia


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Manifestations of Your Stygiophobia
As you lie there awake
Wondering what is real, what is fake
Fire and brimstone in your sight
Leave you pondering what happened this night

Ash raining from grimlight skies
Falling into lakes of fire
Obliteration is in sight as we take your life
This night

You've been godforsaken
Your stygiophobia in manifestation
Here you now shall dwell
This is no dream, welcome to hell

Pathetic human, your soul is mine
You're in a place beyond your mind

In the master's sight
All filled with fright
Here you lie in eternal sorrow
With humanity left to follow

There is no escape
The home of eternal hate
Welcome mortality
To its final fate

Damnation all around
Suffering the only sound
Ripped and torn angels
Destiny seems unchangeable

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