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Armageddon Part. 1


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When you found something
That makes you so strong
I've found something
That has been made to myself
Watching you walking away from god
I remember the same place around us

I got a secret that may be up to my sun
And other thin to keep you away
From that wait waits for your forgiveness
I finally found a reason

It will be the end of deception
Counting you fucking blessings
Now you got the power
To make this a mess
Make this over surrender your hands up to sky
Hating all the wrong thing
Created by devil
So we pray for happening it

Just take this bullet
And Carry this fight on
You'll feel yourself more devotee
And light then yesterday
So we do
The end is coming and it's my secret
You back home, you can back, back to your home

Oh! Close Your eyes… beseech for changes
And surrender your hands
Take this fuck you call life
This fuck you call
Take this fuck you call life to leave you back [you]home

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