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Ripping The Flesh Apart


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One of a kind - a left genuis behind
Didn't we have the same background back in the old days
You were like a brother to me now you're on this wild chase
One of a kind - a left genuis behind

The blood pounding thou our veins
Was from the same source
Now your hunters are screaming
For vengeance - no remorse

What happened to our secret wishes and beliefs
Misplaced by thoughts of murderers and soul thieves

Your resolution, your intention to spread fear
Ain't a smart step cause now you know your end is near

Suffer - an artist needs to sacrifice
Rephrase - you've lived your nasty vice
Missunderstood - a social outcast
A boy from the hood - second cast

Rippin' the flesh apart
Twisted conception of art
Rippin' the flesh apart
Supremacy won't guard
Rippin' the flesh apart...

Breach of privilege, rage and hatred made you blind
In manic ecstasy, a genius left behind

You've killed the bloody bitch that gave you fucking birth
Despite the human factor as an unbearable curse

Prevention of the carnage, searching for the cure of the prey
How can a sublime brain strike in such a primitive way?

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