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Destiny's Child


Destiny's Child

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I'll be your bridge you can use to
Whenever you need to

Chorus: I'll be your bridge you can use to
Whenever you need to
Get over problems in your way
And I will pick you up
Over mountains high
Together we'll walk over the bridge

There's a place where you can go
Lay your head down comfortable
And it's always there for sure
Don't you know
And it comes as no surprise
Mountains that you must climb
Sit back don't run away
Have no shame
There's no wrong
There's no right
It's only you and how
You treat your life
See baby if the road you choose
Don't work out for you
You know I'll be your rescue


Like a diamond shining bright
You're young and flying high
Big dreams of having things
In your eyes
You thought it all
Would make it cash
But that's no mean
Don't ever last
Had to throw it all away
Hear me say
Let me take far away
You're sure to find your destiny
And you know without a doubt
That I will be there to bring you out


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