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Desecrated Dreams

Hidden Death

Desecrated Dreams

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Looking from behind your shadow
Through the dispersed silhouettes
Confused and obscure
Draw me your dreams , it will remain engraved
In the stone of eternity
Throw out the chains and leave this world
Why i can't move ?!
The unattainable becomes the reality
To die . . . without light

Somebody calls me , but where ?
I don't know . . .
" do you remember your death ? "
Her touch , her lilps , your . . .
Your fantasy create it
You needn't destroy that !

You'll reveal the mystery which waits just for you
Give me your hand and look at there
Your shadow is laying here
Sleeping in emptiness , dead eyes . . .
Is it easy to awake him ?
You've got his soul but it's so painful
The life means life and death
I am his slave - release me !
From emptiness...

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