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Descendants Of Cain

Summoning The Ancients

Descendants Of Cain

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Have you seen inside?
Have you scraped the surface of this effigy with eyes unseen,
A gentle face,
And are you awakened.
I fall to my knees,
When I see you alone,
In this private mind,
As you give her what you've taken.
Falling expanses,
Carve lines in the answers,
As you call unto thee,
The sage of the Ancients,
Right through me.

Have you left these?
But please leave me as I be,
Just to see you lay as you sleep.
And I keep you hanging on,
Just to leave you alive,
And I see you waiting for your return,
In me.

It's taken me a lifetime,
To redefine,
To exercise the Will,
Of this shrine.
So sleep in me and dream,
Will you suffer…

The indecency of entropy,
You're touched by beliefs of men,
Raised from their peace to walk again.
And you see her caged away,
Unspoken to the slave,
And you I see you,
Wasting away…

Fallen from grace,
Masterminded solitude,
Of some secluded race,
To rise forth and demonise,
The destiny of hate,
The brave inferno speaks of his old deceit,
So summon forth the ancients,
Of thee…

And she's waiting alone in thee.
For they take her and they make her,
Still torn in me.
And you see her caged away,
Unspoken to the slave,
For they see you,
In all that you've made.
Beware the shapeless sage…

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