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Descendants Of Cain

Look At Them

Descendants Of Cain

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Follow me,
Up the back street of the handshake unseen.
They'll take you,
They'll make you,
Then leave.
They'll help you forget all you've been.
And now sleep is all you need.
Cold sharp intrigue,
They've left you here to bleed,
And all they want,
Is greed.

If only to taste one more life of this,
An empty kiss,
Torn in me,
This horrid bliss.
Coveted idol of peace,
Touched only by these,

Here is the sun.
Here indeed is the sun.
You're holding,
Of what has been.

Have you decided,
To speak to me or am i too inane.
Swollen ego's,
Of the darkened change.
Skeletal maidens of sleaze,
Touched only by these,

So take me away,
I don't belong here with these humans,
With their idle disease.
Touched by their hatred,
And lost to their pain.
So just hold me and take me away from this dream.

Is the sun.
Here indeed is the sun.

For here,
Is not home…

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