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Descendants Of Cain

Lamentations Of The Last Birdman

Descendants Of Cain

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When we walked the earth
We delivered silence,
When we witnessed your birth,
We discovered ours.
And there were those who called out to the moons,
A fear in their hearts lest our doom...

For we were sorrow and our day was nearly done,
Like winter, the season of sleep

I dream...
Of wings,
Of hope,
Now we must leave...

When you were children you called our names,
Like fire we came,
Summoned in pity's name.
And those who called out to the moons
Bled tears of old for the new.

Into the wilderlands travelled but few,
To speak out the secrets of which you not knew...

Now these my kin did leave for you
The gifts of life and solitude,
Now learn them anew,
For i, like the land, am alone too...

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