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Descendants Of Cain


Descendants Of Cain

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Shiver in the night,
from the depths of your unconscious mind.
Deceased but not the walking dead.
Have we become the sunlight in their heads.
So summon forth the spirit of un-death.
For destiny is all that we see,
Cast the rite of light beneath the heavens.

As we left them far behind,
As you see them, on the morning that they leave.
And I wont see you start a war in heaven,
This cry for help has left us deaf forever.

In this dream,
The scent of life presents this mortal blind forget,
Not the chimes of dread or doom,
For we live forever,
We live for never,
In all that you see and all that dream.

You see the never,
Forever's in our midst,
This rage of angels,
And we are left to bleed,
And keep,
The Earth,

They have no home no resting place,
To need constantly,
To see his eyes,
of the Holy Son,
Cause I need,
And I bleed forever,
I bleed constantly.
I need Forever.

For all posses the secrets,
Of Arcanos.

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