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Demonic Slaughter

Prayer Of Accursed

Demonic Slaughter

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Reality is a nightmare, carved in dark shadows
The cold streets surrounds me with screams
I try not to remember but the past hunts me down

I hate your modern world of lies
With razors I cut the picture of smiles
Grey buildings, cold oceans, mad whispers
Critical state of nothingness!!


I try not to remember but the past hunts me down
I was the messiah, of my own life and death
Nihilistic death's saviour in the name of the fallen one.
My Bible will be hate! And communion will be raging fist

I despite humanity, every single one of you
Each time while being on the streets
Among this worthless flock
I dream of world in fire, torture, rape and death.
I am the dark messiah, your stupidity is my cross
I've been slowly crucified - In this world full of shit.
My life's a living hell, and you are a part of it.

Churches of the mass graves,
Symphony from the death camps....
We shouldd once more try to free humanity
From it's own worthless existence....

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