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Demonic Slaughter

Communion Of Dissolution

Demonic Slaughter

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Decomposing body
Left to forget and rot!
Only mind blowing, vomiting stench,
The smell of death
Remainds of it's presence.
Unwanted, without burial,
Slowly consumed by the earth.
Maggots find there endless labirints of deacy.
Mass graves are new words for them to discover,
New teritories of flesh carved in blood and filth
Crowling there and digging
In the guts of the forgotten.
Unmeasured feast
Inside the tortured
Human remains.
They take with gratitude,
This what's once brutally cast away.

By the bullet in the back of the head,
The human kind will be eresed
New world - order of pain!
The dawn of new earth...
... Of worms and maggots/
Pure dimension of suffering

Life from flesh,
This is the communion
Of dissolution!
The infested stench
Of morbid death!

Salvation in sickness
Gospel of madness
Rise of the damned
World of pestilence

Av de svarte fodt (av di svarte fud)
Favla budbringer av doden (javla biudbringjer av dodn)

Frelse i sykdom (frejse i sihdomn)
Evangeliet galgen (evangeliet galgen)
Oppstandelse de fordomte (opstandlse di fordymte)
Pest verden! (pjest vedn)

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