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Give What You've Got


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Give what you've got give it all that you can
With the world at your feet and your life in your hands
You've got to give it, give it, give it what you've got.
Over the years I've tried to do what I could
I've made some mistakes but the grace was so good
You know I gave it, gave it, gave it all I got

Oh oh oh, the years have flown by, this is our time for moving on.

We've got to fly, fly, we're gonna spread our wings and fall into the sky
We're gonna fly, fly, we're gonna give it all we've got coz we've only got one life.

Give what you've got when your world falls apart
Get back on you're feet coz there is fire in your heart
You've got to live it, live it, give it what you've got
Don't let what you own become a crown when your old
Don't sell up your soul to the glitter and gold
You've got to give it, give it, give it what you've got

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