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Liege of Inveracity (Suffocation cover)


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Forced into your mind, passed down through the centuries
Cultures will collide, holy wars for what?
Holy book of god, holy book of lies

Chanting scriptures in vain
Hoping to allow to rest
Hopeful peaceful life
Compassion all but gone
Effigy of what''s to come
Hopeless, worthless dreams
Sorrow scars your brain
End the weak, all is dead

Come see, my light
Misguided fools, I shall guide
Grant thyself, all your minds
Liege of inveracity

Follow still you will
Puppets to take your lord
Only gaining faith for
An imminent demise
Reduce your wretched mind
With these false prophecies
Now I will prevail
All servants left to rot

A new race I will now create
As I end their pityful lives
My destiny has only begun
To torture future minds

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