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The Parade of the Depraved


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Degeneration portrayed in living flesh
Unanymously celebrating the mental death
Another misinterpretation for how the free should live
Pompously revering dying intellect

Society's shedding human waste
This is the cattle that spreads sickness through our race
A godless syphilisation
Drown in your mirth
The true living dead walk upon this earth

Welcome back into times of Rome
Where paedophilia and rape are condoned
Where orgies seize the day and decadence is on display on silver shields and plates
The tigers eat their young today
Hunger for more
Life is a hole
Hunger now(2)
I'm hurt but I want more
Hunger now(2)
Life is a hole
Hunger for more(2)
The powers that be hunger for more
The greater the stench of money, the more souls are sold

Life is a hole

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