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Awakening II


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Enter my world, this hate now grows
Smell my air and see my colours
This time there will be no mourn
No display of all of my horrors
I fucked up death, I control my life
Feeling with my heart, thinking with my mind
Inside, burns a new desire
Across dark skies tonight I start a fire
Fervent air in every breath I've taken
Something in me screams, screams to be awaken
Survival is a need, only you and me
Now we race for the last time, alive on a finish line

I am your new messiah
And the world's all mine, though corrupted it's benign
it's mine I'll take it for a spin one more time.
Now, I will start a fire
Spread out the wave of a clear mind
Selfish and thinking of itself cause this is
My playground

Who are you to judge if I belong?
All this pain I feel somehow made me strong
Pale and hollow and with no fear
Be silent, in a moment it'll disappear
I'm still here, it was a nice try
Maybe you'll catch something of my smile
Made you wish to breathe, you don't wish to see
Survivor in me, one who made me be
So hear it motherfucker, I'll engrave it in your face
Leave a mark, draw a line, start your fucking misplace
This place, this time, for the rest of my life
I will live in no dreams, take no denies

world. mine. it's it's mine. for. spin. one more time.
breath. way. clear my head. of this. it's my playground.

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