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Dawn of Resurrection


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Children of the atomage have inerited a curse
Suffering from the reactors to which out ancestors gave birth
The ground we walk, they always were damned
Uncompromised powers of the atom sealed the death of man

Submitting to the overdrive, the nuclear plant explode
Generating energy released, all life erodes
Technological mistake leads to accidental holocaust
Radiation spreads fast, all hope there was lost
Weak security department couldn't forsee the accident
Foolish reactor workers saw no disaster to prevent
Chain reaction among nuclear plants globally
Mankinds final mistake, fall out of energy

Dawn of resurrection

Radiated particles ride with the winds
Toxication breeds fast, flies like upon wings
Bodies lie tormented in the radiated trash
Mourning for their lost lives in endless deathrust

Cosmic storms sweep over the forever wasted plains
Unterrestial winds torturing the remains
Toxicating fires eating away at the atmosphere
Radioactive isotopes burn holes in the biosphere
No return from the mega genocide
The wrecked environment completes the biocide
The planet burns in icecold toxic flames
As man is laid to rest upon the lands from which she came

Dawn of resurrection

Waters that have corroded the earth for thousands of years
Now cease to exist as they devour in eternal sands
Planet earth a smouldering corpse lies in ruin
Mother lands blessed be

Black fires penetrate the shadows that vail over earth
The darkened clouds above, possessiog a curse
Oceans become flowing with chemicals, all watery the subside
Mother earth can never ever return to life

From unclean skies acid rains begins to fall
The world is suffocated by devouring walls
Radiation ascends then descends from the skies
Incessant torment for those hanging on to their lives

Nuclear winter takes a grip over the land
Toxic cold prevails, nothing that lives starts a chance
Asphyxiating in acid smoke, the world stops to subsist
Lands destroyed in days, now cease to exist

Dawn of resurrection

Foolish race felt threatened by the superiority of nature
Competition with nature became mankind rapture
Tecnology became too complex, undeveloped minds couldn't cope
Mankind were too blind to glance into futures telescope

Destroying what has always benn and never will be again
Mother earth is laid to rest, killed by foolish men
Planet third from the sun silently erodes
When it's vanished it leaves a hole in the universe
Mankind was wiped away for their final sins
In the distant a light is seen, a new era begins
Humanity's time on earth was plagued with desolations
In the beginning of the end there will be a dawn of resurrection

Dawn of resurrection

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