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In The Name Of God


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Avenging angels,
Songs of god, religious maniacs,
Believe the lies that they speak.
Or the flames will take your soul.
Hypnotized, living dead,
Under a cloak of fear.
His hand will strike down,
Those who turn to the night.

In the name of god,
Deception of the blind.
In the name of god,
The bane of mankind.
In the name of god,
Endless war and pain.
In the name of god,
The curse shall remain.

Evil seeds manifest,
In minds that think free.
Cast out those who will not follow,
Keep the beast at bay.
Countless lives have been
Destroyed, persecution, holy war.
Just fuel for the fire,
That burns for evermore.

Hide behind the holy mask,
Their own lusts satisfied.
Gorging on the riches.
Taken by deceit.
But they can't escape
The wings of death,
That take them to their lord.
An angry god casts them down,
Into flames eternal.

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