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The Chalice Of Ages


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A legion of ancient warriors and masters of war was left behind by the elder to defend the elixir of life
For an eternity this legion has waited, waited to rise again, rise and defend what is theirs

To defeat the ways of the new, the weak and feeble, i summon you, warriors of old, rise, rise once again
I summon thee, immortal warriors, rise with me, rise back to power

Rise, warriors of old, rise, defend the chalice of ages
Rise, immortal warriors, rise, and protect what is ours
Rise, warriors of old, rise, and unite for the last stand
Rise, immortal warriors, rise, only the true will survive

Forgotten warriors, lost in time, sheltered from the feeble, from corruption of the soul

Rise my warriors, defend the source, drink the potion, this shall be your fate
Upon reaching the shores of a new world, was found the clandestine flow of eternal life

While their numbers are small their will is strong, surviving deterioration, the trends of time
Weapons drawn they protect...weapons drawn they protect the chalice of ages

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