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Dear Elizabeth

Advice: From The Mouth Of A Liar

Dear Elizabeth

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blessed is this dischord,
the sobs that bellow from your mouth,
your beating chest, an open grave
lay our love to rest, let us end this direst
the moon chases away the day
without a second of delay
in silhouettes you lay
your insides twisted from the fray
i thought i told you
how much i cared
you never told me
you didn't care
they say eyes
can tell you all you need to know
and let me tell you,
your pupils are screaming
ungracefulness at the highest pitch
through the past you were always there
and now you belay me, this isn't fair,
and eternally you rot, eternally you scream,
but i won't hesitate, i will not stumble,
this road veers off into multiple destinations
and i won't be taking the path you have chosen
your attempts seem pitiful,
you can't rip me of what's mine,
i can't help you find your bliss,
as for me, i'll be just fine

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