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Premonition of ending

Deaf Auditorium

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Premonition of ending
A vigorous wind is blowing
In the eerie silent night
Forbear of enmity is encased
In the sacrament of life

Ancillary cesestal is lying
On the cold and knotty ground
And blasphemy from the pulpit
Is flying through the dark

Disquieting sounds are coming
From the treetops of the trees
And the vigorous wind is carrying
The ashes of the beasts

A scarlet moon is shining
And woe is enthralled in the air
Languid nature is dying
Bringing olden hope of men

It's coming, a season of evil
And unearthly is coming with her
Who will be chosen to rule
In the dark ages of death

Creatures that inhabit the shadows
With screams invite the dark
Souls of demons in a world of darkness
Are sanguining celestial's hearts

Wounded angels in eternal balance
Between light and dark
Burning stars in the black empire
Darkening my lonely heart

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