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Monody of death

Deaf Auditorium

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Monody of death
From aloof forest in a hazy night
With a palatial vestry on the end
Come supernal silhouettes with viperine tongues
Who are singing the monody of death

Decresent moon brings the disreputability
And the pestilential wind is out there
Ascendancy of black silhouettes is
An irreclaimable way to end

Death-bell's chiming reverberates through the night
And rises above pandemonium
Candescence tries to seduce me to
Come to the vestry overgrown with orchids of death

Hands of time are assanting my soul
And fear is all I feel
The monody is coming closer
The monody of my destiny

Quenchless melody of the silhouettes' song
Reverberate through my head
And from the hazy night come
The sounds of the monody of death

Wanderous light is filling
The isolated forest
And I am benumbed
Of abhorrent odour

The monody of death
Is reverberating through the night
And I am benighted in the
Blasphemy of infidels

My spirit quailed in endless
Night and fear is all I feel
I hear whispering of my name
And a silent prayer for me

Amazing sounds are coming
With the wind from the purgatory
The eternal flame from the vestry
Barely smolders

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