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Deadly Blessing

Search And Destroy

Deadly Blessing

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Here I am looking out to sea
Here I stand,watching out patiently
The night is black for a sneak attack
They won't know when we'll strike 'em
No time to think,just time to sink
The enemy's upon us, a mission incomplete
Intentions to devour

Search & destroy
You must protect us (protect us)
Search & destroy
Is the main objective
Search & destroy (destroy)
Search & destroy (destroy)

The war is on,hear the screams echo
No one wins,this button pushing hell
Innocent people die in the light
The whole world is dead no

No one is left,no bones or flesh
Armageddon we feared for so lomg now
One man in charge,with the future at large
The codes were punched in,we think we will win
Missiles on the rise


Can't turn back vapor trails are streaming
Final attack,judgement day is here
Thirty minutes to due,no reason to cry
Kiss you ass good-bye now
Take a final glance,it;s your last chance
Heaven awaits you
The smell of death,lingers in the air
The enemy will suffer,just as bad as us
Stalemate in the end


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