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Daytrader tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Skin & Bones", "Death Means Nothing To Men Like Me", "Slow My Brain".

92 acessos

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  1. After-Image
  2. Chromatic Living
  3. Deadfriends
  4. Death Means Nothing To Men Like Me
  5. Firebreather
  6. Grey-Colored Glasses
  7. Heard It In A Song
  8. If You Need It
  9. Kill My Compass
  10. Last Days Of Rome
  11. Letter To A Former Lover
  12. Living
  13. Lost Between The Coasts
  14. Paper Push
  15. Silver Graves
  16. Skin & Bones
  17. Slow My Brain
  18. Struggle With Me
  19. Texts And Tomes

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