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Days of Loss

Godlike Betrayal

Days of Loss

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So you've thought it had been enough
To mark your way, to make your path.
But their prayers had kept you wake.
And the fragile are first to break.

Keep calling, it's out there, wait for the saint!
Wait for this clean answer, it could be yours...

They said it's living beneath them
Worship, cower, bow down to the floor

They said its feeling to cease it
Worship, cower, strip down to the bones

Wait for that clean answer, it will be yours...

Go on and bring it to the end
No brain in silence just the prayers

Go on and don't think about life
You mess, you lamb, you...

...cried! out there! this way your life has...
...failed! ever struggling to escape this
God like betrayal
Not fair, nor straight

There's no escaping in this world
No reason, and therefor all the wealth
There is no meaning in their words
But money, might and you...

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