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Neverending Summer


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Every single step I take
Seems to go the other way
From the one that I'd intended
But this lunacy have ended
And the seasons never chance
They just go and stay the same
Like a band with just a drummer
I'm in neverending summer

I'm alone now (x2)

In the city where I'm from
All the people think I'm dumb
They say "Don't be suck a fool"
Just get a job and go to school"
But I ignored what they all say
And I packed my bags instead
Travelled to a friend in state
Where I relied on only faith

I'm alone now (x4)

I am searching for a certainty that I could never find
All the things and esperations that are swimming in my mind
If I get too close to mine and I would find a thing to say

I'm alone now (x4)

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