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Day Of The Dead

Day Of The Dead

Day Of The Dead tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "As Your Goals Crumble Into Pieces", "One Step Forward...Two Steps Back", "Death Frequency".

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  1. A New Healing Process
  2. As Your Goals Crumble Into Pieces
  3. Beauty Or The Beast
  4. Cut These Strings That Used To Be My Life
  5. Death Frequency
  6. Ego Therapy Relief
  7. Forever Is Today
  8. History Written Upon The Blood Of The Dead
  9. Home Wrecking Machine
  10. I'll Be With You
  11. Invincible Upon The Pedestal
  12. Just Names And Numbers
  13. Kill The Phantom Of The Good Old Days
  14. Like It Or Not... This Is Our Game
  15. Like It Or Not...this Is Our Game
  16. Old Habbits Die Harder
  17. Old Habits Die Harder
  18. One Step Forward... Two Steps Back
  19. One Step Forward...Two Steps Back
  20. Shiny Badges Rust The Same
  21. Shiny Badges Rusty The Same
  22. The Crown We Wear Tonight
  23. The Ludovico Centre Deja Vu
  24. Trading Individuality For Our Own Death
  25. We Couldn't Care Less

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