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Day of Ascension

The Shadow Overcast

Day of Ascension

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Darkness eternally pollutes my thought
Despair convinces me that there is no light
A false serenity leads me to my death
A warm embrace from the sea i'm drowning in

Even those who preach the word
Brought me nothing but pain
Where is this light you promised
Where is my life?

Waiting, doubting
When will it come?

Desolate days turned to desolate years
Until i finally let go, until all i had meant nothing
It was then that i saw him with me
It was then that i knew, that he was always with me

Waiting, doubting
When will it come?

The sorrow he felt, would kill a thousand hearts
As he holds a son, who dies painfully
As he wants to heal, but his beloved pushes away
But his faith lasts, his eyes will never turn away

Waiting, doubting
Never again

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