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Dawn Jay

Valentine's Gift

Dawn Jay

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[Verse 1:]
Baby it's the time of the valentines
That I'll be searching for the gift
To tell ya how much I love you
Saving every penny working overtime
After working like a slave from eight to five

[Verse 2:]
Girl I've been searching for a ring to tell ma love's forever
But the money in ma pocket doesn't match the price
Cuz baby if I buy a ring I need a diamond in it
So to match beauty and the shine in your eyes

So baby if I fail to find the perfect gift to give
You should know that I tried real hard to make you feel special
I hope you know that baby

You, you're the one, the one that love
The love that so greater than the valuable things
No gift that I can bring' chocs or diamond rings,
Can match up to the beauty or the joy that you bring
Cuz girl you're perfect than the perfect
I can buy you gifts but it ain't worth it
So let me write this song, when my thoughts hit the chords
It's my valentine gift for you
For you, for you for you
It's my valentine gift for you

[Verse 3:]
I even tried to find the best perfume for you
But there's nothing in the world so sweet as you
I even got some roses but the roses can't beat you
Cuz when you smile the world's finest rose is you

[Repeat pre-chorus & chorus]

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