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David Rogers

Wishing Book

David Rogers

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Now picture this a little girl havn't seen much of the world
Hides herself behind her door knows that somehere else there's more
More than just for country life she'll never be a poor boy's wife
Swear someday by hook or crook she'll have her dream in the wishing book

The wishing book with pretty things
Big brass beds and diamond rings
A lady's gown that Luke Harris look
It's all there in the wishing book

Now picture this a woman grown packs her bags with all she owns
That's not much but she doesn't care the city waits and it'a all bare
The goodbye scenes with all the folks her mama cries her daddy chokes
Then she's gone on the train she took to find the life in the wishing book

The wishing book with pretty things...

Now picture this a lonely man finds his pleasure where he can
Works the fields beneath the sun not much time for having fun
He misses her most at night he'll wake up feelin' not quite right
Then he'll walk down by the brook and take with him his wishing book

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