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David Meece

David Meece

David Meece tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "One Small Child", "He'll Take Care Of You", "God's Promises/ Rainbows In The Night".

80 acessos

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  1. All I Can do
  2. All The Time
  3. Early In The Morning
  4. Everybody Needs a Little Help
  5. Falling Down
  6. Follow You
  7. Forgiven
  8. Gloria
  9. God Holds The Future
  10. God's Promises/ Rainbows In The Night
  11. He'll Take Care Of You
  12. I Can't Believe It's True
  13. Learning To Trust
  14. Love Is The Reason
  15. Make my life brand new
  16. Never Gonna Serve Anyone Else But You
  17. Oh So Wonderful
  18. Once In A Life Time
  19. One Small Child
  20. Over You
  21. Seventy Times Seven
  22. Sunshine Jesus
  23. The Unknown Soldier
  24. There Once Lived A Man
  25. We Are The Reason

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