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David Costa

Lust At Cursed Bite

David Costa

4 acessos

Hook in:
Fragile and magical shadows ; silently start to appear...

Verse 1:
Underneath the words you tell me, i could tell it doesn't mean a thing to you , but i've been hopin' you and me can make it through this, but it's more then i can do to let my heart be fooled with, who is you to come along and say the things i always wanted someone sayin'...hangin' like a bleeding heart !

Fragile and magical shadows (1x)

Verse 2:
Here you go it's yours, i don't want it take it, this is all i ever really knew that i was good at, but it doesn't mean a thing that i've been falling from the moment that you told me you were into acting, like it doesn't matter, when it really does...i could see myself inside you like a fuckin' mirrior !

Hook: (1x)

Chorus 1:
So take it back, take it back, i could tell, it's an act, i've been lied, to before, i have tried, to ignore, all the words, you have said, i have heard, this instead...

Hook: (1x)

Verse 3:
Underneath the curse you cast a spell that got me thinkin' maybe one day me and you can get together, but instead it's just another way for you to set the setting for disaster, after you had changed your mind about it, yet decided i was worth the time to drag behind you in the dark...

Hook: (1x)

Chorus 2:
So make me crack, make me crack, then take it back, take it back, i've been used, too before, i've been used, to ignore, leave me now, all alone, i like it better like this anyway, just fucking go !!

Hook: (1x)

Verse 4:
This is where i'm from, this ain't nothin' new, i been around the block a couple a few times more then i think i should relax before i crack and spill like blood and make you bleed like me on you in the midst of the battle, i need to relax, before i hurt myself by believing you and the lies you tell me like i tell myself i have no fucking fear !

Hook: (1x)
Chorus 1: (1x)
Hook: (1x)
Chorus 2: (1x)
Just fucking go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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