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David Costa

How To Burn A Bridge

David Costa

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When the smoke clears, who's gonna be there in the mix ? tell me, who's gonna bounce up out and dip ? i am sick of the bullshit ! you tellin' me that, doin' this. i am this far away from a slip of the wrist, and a list of the people who have switched and i'm pissed cause i wish half of them would just resist poppin' lips ! it's a mess, yes it is, i confess that i've kissed, half the chicks that have run along and snitched, it's a bitch ! i remember when women used to deny that shit, now they quick to admit that they did it ! i don't mean to be a prick, but why can't you just quit with the arguments ? yes i'm a pimp, i have been since kindergarten bitch ! get over it, ain't nothin' gonna change at the moment, yet they steady sayin' "david costa changed and he colder now" ! but hold up, i don't think we've met eachother yet, i'm an icicle motherfucker, as cold as it get ! i'll burn a bridge !

Will the winter sun keep us warm ? in these cold times ?
Will the winter sun light keep you warm ? untorn, untorn and alive ?

Dear anyone,

Am i fuckin' here or not ? if you can hear me then respond, cause it appears that i got, more than a problem i've been poppin' more than a volume and now you about to, how you been ? "i'll be a little bit better in about an hour man" out of it, half of the time, the other half i'm about to get, back to the other half, better believe it that i ain't proud of it ! i'm down as shit, think it'll never be over, is god on a power trip ? oh now you'll listen, spoken like another addict, backslid apostolic christian. i see a white light drowning in the darkness it's like when i sleep at night, fightin' devils off, it's hard but it's life. mind racin', time waistin', heart poundin' this hard soundin' thu thump, drownin' my sorrows away into another round of some rum, runnin' from my tomorrow, hollow it seems, and unable to follow my dreams. no wonder i'm under enough pressure to crush a rough treasure, and turn a diamond from shinin' into a one you can't measure and burn a bridge !


As i wait, arms raised, waive my fists at the sky, head bowed, knees in the mud, i wished i could die, head raised, rain in my face, insist that i tried, and vent rage for the pain, when it hits then i cry. but instead of ignore it explore it before it forces abnormal behavior, go deeper than surface, the purpose erase the, thoughts and the feelings of helplessness that have gathered, and rather than quit, regroup and take another stab at it ! i have had it where morale was low, confidence suffered, or i was blowed and clearly out of it wonderin' whether, or not to keep goin', sleep more than i'm awake, forgot to leap forward, fell backwards now i need an escape, to break free ! no idea of how long it might take me to let go of my pride, it almost seems impossible lately, i can't see past my ignorance, know that i tried, a stampede crash and when it gets cold in my mind, i burn a bridge !

Chorus 2x

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