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Dave Meniketti

The Other Side

Dave Meniketti

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Oh, it's coming on strong tonight
And I feel it in my bones
Oh, mister moon, take me away from this
'Cause I feel like I've been tearing at my soul's
I'm talking 'bout you and me
We want to be free to take it all
And leave nothing
You gotta take me to the other side
Oh, until we break through free
You gotta take me to the other side
Oh, won't you take me to the other side of now
I feel the earth underneath me
And it's talking to me like I was a child
Everything above me
Is like a photograph from a twisted point of view
Well I don't know where everybody's going now
It seems like upside down is what is right side up
Oh, it's breaking us down
Makes it so damn hard to just know what you feel
I know there's something else
Shake it up, dream it up
Oh, better do more 'bout yourself
'Cause I don't
Don't care what everybody's talking about
Oh, if it just ain't real

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