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Darkest Hour

Those Who Survived

Darkest Hour

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The ones who strayed
The ones who were left behind
This looks like something someone would try to hide
Those who survived
Are those with blood in their eyes
Push the pressure
Add more fuel to the fire

Stop submit admit you’ve lost control
Salute as you plummet to your doom
Fall in prepare yourself for the

Cold calculated chemical embrace
I’ve been waiting and we’ve all been warned
We all knew this day would come
And yet we ignored

We’re all going down
We’re all going to burn
I feel the presence of another
An ancient one
Pulling us closer
The time has come
Brace yourself for the impact

From the wreckage we crawled
Broken and bloodied we go on
We must move forward
We must continue into the beyond

Now all I see is their blood
And all I’ve ever known is gone

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