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Dark Princess

Dark Princess

Dark Princess tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Point Of No Return", "Nas Bolshe Net", "Zhestokaya Igra".

217 acessos

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  1. At The Very Bottom
  2. Close To The Sky…
  3. Cry
  4. Endless Dead Time
  5. Everlasting Pain
  6. Fields Of Youth
  7. Fight With Myself
  8. Join Me In Life
  9. Kogda Prosnulos' Nebo (When We Woke Up The Sky)
  10. Let Me Go
  11. Living In Me
  12. Lost Sunrise
  13. My Fragile Winter Dream
  14. Nas Bolshe Net
  15. No Pain
  16. Not of this world
  17. One Last Goodbye
  18. Ozhidayu Novyĭ Den' (I Look Forward To A New Day)
  19. Paradise Land
  20. Please Betray Me
  21. Point Of No Return
  22. Reach The Sky
  23. Rekviem Mechtam (Requiem Dreams)
  24. Skorbnyĭ Bal (Mournful Ball)
  25. Slepaya Strast' (Blind Passion)
  26. Stop My Heart
  27. Taste Of Shame
  28. The Deepest Fall
  29. The Game
  30. The key
  31. The Last Page
  32. The Pyre's Song
  33. The Skin Of The Universe
  34. The Temple Of Darkness
  35. The Way Of Passion
  36. Time To Leave
  37. Vershish' Novyĭ Greh (Administer A New Sin)
  38. We Can Not Fly So High
  39. Without You
  40. Yad Lyubvi (Posion Love)
  41. Yearning For The Sun
  42. Zhestokaya (Crying)
  43. Zhestokaya Igra

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