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Dark Opera

I'll Rise Again

Dark Opera

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I was in a battlefield, yeah
Through soldiers and horses, horses
Nobody told me that…that i'm alone…
Cut heads, amputated arts
Glances full of terror and fear
Smell like a rotten meat, of left bodies to decay
After a long, a long slaughter
Don't go out from your shell
Or you could die, suddenly, go away, go away…

One, two, three shots
You know, no one can kill me
You try to kick my feet
Don't you feel freer noww???

Let die just only who,
Just only who wants to die
Don't worry 'bout other people,
Shit, just thinks about yourself
Disgusting divine presence
Which flows in my blood,
Go out from my fucking body
Through my wide wounds

You aren't able, you can't be
As like, you know it, i'm immortal
But even if you tried, tried to kill me,
Remembers, remembers…

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