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Dark Opera

Deep Oblivion

Dark Opera

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Desert…expanses of thoughts
Useless words to give meaning to life
Essence...in the hearts of those people
Looking for the eternal life
They serve something
That won't never satisfie (them)
Blood sheed on a sweet lady
For the wrath of a pityless
Will all this fucking ever end?
Day by day the light is more darker
And i know the night is near
Let's prepare the proud of our fate
To be submitted to the eternal evil
Blood shed on a sweet lady
For the wrath of one
Have still thirsty for pain...for pain
" for the one who's waiting
Looking at the horizon
I hope death could give him her icy hand
Please save from this deep oblivion "
Pull me down again
Asking you who is the one
I will stay still to hear the silence
Leaving, seeking and binding
The last memories of this existence

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