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Dark Opera

Black Sewage

Dark Opera

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The soul of who's falling in sin
It will be fed by blessings
You whisper your last cry of pity
But your voice will never be heard by my senses
You tighten my hands and scan in the gloom
But fate will never show you the light
Apocalyptic destruction, bloody decapitations
They strench in your eyes
Listen to the pain of another wretched god
Listen to the cry of another broken life
As tears, the blood slips
While happiness is dragged by the wind as ash
A fire inside your heart
But only cold around you
Trying to find again your lost way
And you know hope it's the last to die
"you need to rest
Among the whispers
Of your deadly punishments
Into the abyss falling you
Your lies are rusted blades
Into the abyss falling you
With your bloody tears..."
Behind the most dreadful evil
You satisfy your wish
Dead virgin bodies are your filthy nectar
But remorse and sadness pine you
And you flood the decaying corpses
The dominion of your power will always rise again!

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